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2013-08-21 - Meeting notes


  • Laurent Claude (Project Leader)
  • Matthieu Hazon (Developer)


  • Meetings plan
  • Roadmap for V1
  • Communication tools

Team status update: Matthieu “mhatz” Hazon joins the team and replaces former main developer Olivier “oliversleep” Villedieu.


Meetings Plan

It has been decided that two meetings a month will occur. Additionnally, meeting notes will be transcripted on the wiki.

Roadmap for mail2voice V1 (stable release)

  • Code cleaning (estimated 1 week)
    • Translation of the source code from french to english.
    • More comments (!)
  • Code refactoring (estimated 2 weeks)
  • Code documentation, will be published on the wiki. (estimated 1 week)
  • Implementation of the missing features (see below, listed on the bugtracker too) (estimated 1 month)
  • Evaluation and integration of a free vocal synthesis engine (like eSpeak) (estimation 1 week ??)
  • Fix the localisation ¨+ Review and fix translations (estimated 1 week)
  • Replace proprietary 3rd party libraries (estimated 1 week)
  • Port to linux (+packaging) (estimated 1 week)

Planned features:

  • New appearance (Forms + images) to finish
  • Check localisation
  • Change 3rd party libraries
  • Fix x64 port on Windows
  • Make links in email clickable (to open a web page in a browser or a mailto:)
  • Keyboard shortcuts –> to finish


  • highlight current words in email when read by the vocal synthesis (should be interesting but could be too much to implement)
  • Auto-update (very optional)

Related tasks:

  • Update/refresh of the bugtracker (Laurent)
  • Add Matthieu to the bugtracker (with right permissions)

Communication tools

  • A mailing list should be created. Laurent will see if it can be doable with sourceforge.
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