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2013-10-09 - Meeting notes


  • Laurent Claude (Project Leader)
  • Matthieu Hazon (Developer)


  • Development status
  • Project management


Development status

  • Matthieu: Documentation, code refactoring and comments are in progress.
  • Laurent: Evaluation of speech synthesizers in progress:
    • For now, we have at least one solution which consists of using eSpeak as the speech engine and ship Mail2Voice with non-free MBrola voice which guarantees better results. Of course, we will have to be really clear on the fact that a non-free software is embedded along with Mail2Voice but the MBrola license allow that for non commercial use and it will remain optional.

Reminder for developers: please use the BugTracker as much as possible.

Following roadmap still applies:

  • More comments (!)
  • Code refactoring (estimated 2 weeks)
  • Code documentation, will be published on the wiki. (estimated 1 week)
  • Implementation of the missing features (estimated 1 month)
  • Evaluation of speech synthesizers.
  • Integration of an (easy to understand) speech synthesizer (estimation 1 week ??)
  • Fix the localisation ¨+ Review and fix translations (estimated 1 week)
  • Replace proprietary 3rd party libraries (estimated 1 week)
  • Port to linux (+packaging) (estimated 1 week)

Project Management

  • We have a new contributor, welcome Diana Ibanescu! She wants to develop for Mail2Voice.
  • Matthieu proposed to plan regular coding sessions with Diana. This should allow for more productive code on short time period and to help each other for a better understanding of the project and goals.
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