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2014-07-09 - Meeting notes


  • Laurent Claude (Project Leader)
  • Matthieu Hazon (Developer)


  • Debrief RMLL
  • Project status


Finally we decided to hold a meeting tonight, instead of next week.

Debrief about the conference at RMLL (2014-07-07).

  • Our performance is well spent, we are globally satisfied.
  • African dialects : we have to polish up the internationalization, but we can do nothing in terms of voice synthesis
  • The weight of attachments: there are specialized codecs in the transport of voice. Possibility to explore.
  • We met a person in the field of disability dyslexia. This is an area which Mail2Voice could provide some answers. Track work to explore.

Reprioritizing the bug tracker for beta 1.


  • Matthieu: to finalise the beta 1 (see the bug tracker) !!! m(
  • Laurent: find documentation about codecs specialized in voice
  • Laurent: with Visual Studio work flexible HMI
  • Laurent: IE popup, to do a screenshot

Next Meeting

  • 2014-07-30
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