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2014-12-09 - Meeting notes


  • Laurent CLAUDE (Project Leader)
  • Matthieu HAZON (Developer)
  • Diana IBANESCU (Developer)


  • Debriefing Capitol du Libre
  • The beta2 release
  • Collaborative tools
  • Our next publics prestations
  • And more generally :
    • global thinking about the solutions 'from scratch' and the solution 'thunderbird plugin'


  • Debriefing Capitol du Libre:
    • The overall message is fine
    • For oral delivery, for the allocation of speaking time and on-time: we lacked preparation
    • Let's wait and watch video
    • the financial balance sheet is clean
  • The beta2 release
    • Diana has completed all of these tasks (thank you Diana :-))
    • Matthieu will work sunday. Point should be done then.
  • Collaborative tools
    • Redmine
      • All tasks from the Beta 3 must now be monitored on redmine
      • Only Beta2 tasks must be monitored on the old bugtracker on the website
      • Actually the link between Redmine and Github is based on a cron task on pull mode from our server, every 10 minutes. Matthieu must test the feasibility of a link between a comment and a push on github in this mode. If necessary Laurent must work to use a push mode from github.
    • Mumble :
      • Tonight we use IRC for this meeting. To test later.
    • Etherpad
      • Work in progress. Present in the Laurent's todo list. In order to have a solution with identification.
  • Our next publics prestations
    • FOSDEM
      • Submission is made. Pending approval December 15.
      • Matthieu will be present. Diana and Laurent : actually not sure.
    • Specialized fairs in the disability
      • To see with “Liberté 0” for partnership if present on such events
      • Laurent must prepare a pitch, and submit it to the M2V team
  • And more generally, global thinking about the solutions 'from scratch' and another solution
    • Laurent now thinks it is time to review the situation. Thank you Matthieu for your background work!
    • At the next meeting, we will discuss milestones for the V1.1
    • And continue thinking about our future solution. Please open your mind before next meeting ;)

Next Meetings

  • Sunday 2014-12-14: an intermediate point about the beta 2, by Matthieu
  • 2014-12-23 (Tuesday): Global meeting
    • Beta 2
    • Milestones for the V1.1
    • discuss about our future technical choices
    • FOSDEM
  • 2015-01-14: Global meeting
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