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2015-05-20 - Meeting notes


  • Laurent CLAUDE (Project Leader)
  • Matthieu HAZON (Developer)
  • Diana IBANESCU (Developer)


  • Record of our past and ongoing conferences
  • The stable version is released
  • Mail2Voice-Next


  • Record of our past and ongoing conferences
    • Paris, “Le mois extraordinaire” 2015-05-14/15. Laurent and Matthieu.
      • Not a great success: few world. But an interesting contact for “Liberté 0”, because representing the French Ministry of National Education, an expert on digital accessibility.
    • APF-RNT training 2015-05-19. Videoconferencing. Laurent.
      • Very good feedback from the teacher and students, they were well interested.
    • Paris, Ubuntu-Party
      • We have a conference 2015-05-31 at 12:05
      • This will show up live!
    • Lyon, Handica
      • We have a conference 2015-06-03 at 5PM. Laurent will be present.
    • Lyon, ALDIL, Jeudi du libre
      • We have a conference 2015-06-04 at 7PM. Laurent will be present.
  • The stable version is released
    • Many thanks for the dev team. Your work is great!
    • No new features on this branch, only maintenance.
    • The v1.1.1 is created on the Redmine

Next Meeting

  • 2015-06-03
    • Work on the list of free clients mail
    • Laurent won't be present
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