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2015-06-03 - Meeting notes


  • Laurent CLAUDE (Project Leader)
  • Matthieu HAZON (Developer)
  • Diana IBANESCU (Developer)


  • Public conferences : UbuntuParty, Handica
  • Mail2Voice-Next
    • Client mail comparison
    • Proof of concept
  • Collaborative tools


  • Public conferences : UbuntuParty (Matthieu), Handica (Laurent)
    • few people
    • an audience of disability professionals
    • interesting questions
  • Mail2Voice-Next
    • Client mail comparison
      • After elimination of non-compliant solutions to our expectations, there is little candidates.
      • At present, the candidate who seems best suited is Thunderbird. But it should be tested in more detail.
    • Proof of concept
      • We defined the key functions to beings tested in Thunderbird
      • In first, Developpers have to learn how to make a plugin in Thunderbird.
  • Tools
    • The code will be hosted on and duplicated on our server. Laurent will create accounts.
    • Etherpad: we'll wait for authentication plugin before install on our server
    • Mailinglist: it's easy to have a mailinglist on our server, but we need to retrieve Sourceforge archives before. Laurent will see that.
  • Website
    • Laurent will work on the migration to the new Joomla! version

Next Meeting

  • 2015-06-10: Dev meeting
  • 2015-06-17: regular meeting
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