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2016-06-22 - Meeting notes


  • Laurent CLAUDE (Project Leader)
  • Matthieu HAZON (Developer)
  • Diana IBANESCU (Developer)
  • Jonathan MERCIER-GANADY (Developer)


  • Update on the work in progress
  • An IRL workshop this summer
  • Team management


  • Update on the work in progress
    • Moqups: an update on Inbox moqup, some modifications have to be done, and to continue the work
    • VMime: success to compile it
    • The mail wrapper: work is just started
    • A first work on coding style and good practices
    • Info: Qt 5.7 is released
  • An IRL workshop this summer?
    • It seems difficult that the team meets in full this time, Laurent will probably make the move during his road trip
    • Sorry Diana :-/
    • Dates have to be defined, no more visibility for now, but probably in August
  • Team management


  • Work on assigned tasks (please to see the redmine)
  • To find a screen sharing solution
  • Continue the study of existing components/solutions (VMime, vocal synthesis, audio recording, …)
  • Look for a nice solution between submodules/subtrees in git

Next Meeting

  • 2016-07-06
    • Work in progress
    • IRL workshop
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