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2016-09-28 - Meeting notes


  • Laurent CLAUDE (Project Leader)
  • Matthieu HAZON (Developer)
  • Diana IBANESCU (Developer)
  • Jonathan MERCIER-GANADY (Developer)


  • Work in progress


  • As we said earlier: no public conferences are programmed for this year, we'll see for next spring
  • Development infrastructure
    • Ubuntu VM:
      • a slave Jenkins is installed and connected to the master one
      • auto update is running
      • to be tested: auto restart of the VM after important updates
      • next steps: auto build on commits, style code, nightly builds
    • Windows VM:
      • we'll need a Windows VM to build and for automatized tests
      • to install a new VM with a Windows 64bit. Win7 minimum
      • license : we need a serial!
  • VMime:
    • builds on Win-32bit is OK! To be tested with a Qt soft for validations
    • we use MinGW for builds, for windows target under linux
    • we use MinGW 32 bit version but seams almost outdated
    • MinGW 64 bit would be usable for 32 and 64 bit builds. To be tested
  • Database
    • the work is in progress, commits and pushs are for soon
    • thinking about the limits of the DBConnector. To be continued in dev meeting (if needed)
    • Import/export function is not a priority
  • Mockups
    • the work restarted with the 'settings screen'
    • no results for today, there is a lot of params which need to be categorized

Next Meeting

  • 2016-10-12
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