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2017-09-13 - Meeting notes


  • Laurent CLAUDE (Project's holder)
  • Matthieu HAZON (Developer)
  • Diana IBANESCU (Developer)


  • WIP
    • Trojitá
    • Mockups
  • The next Hackathon
  • The next conference : Capitole du Libre
  • A collaboration tool: Framaboard/kanboard


  • WIP
    • Trojitá
      • Compilation is OK
      • We're (Jonathan and Matthieu) extracting the code we need. For now everything is ok, still in progress but seems good.
    • Mockups, 2 ways:
      • visual: it's for Laurent! To work on an 'office' aspect.
      • functional: Diana will work on scenarios and will work on Pencils scenarios. In priority order:
        • Inbox
        • Contact (list of all, detail on one, edition)
        • Compose an email
  • The next Hackathon
    • The date: after the Framadate, it can be on the October 14 or 28.
    • If Matthieu is free, it'll be the 14 of October. He'll say us this week.
    • Goals: To works on screens and widgets. The theme is graphical! And… with a touch of style ;)
  • The next conference : Capitole du Libre
    • Dead line for proposal is September 24.
    • Laurent will propose this weekend an abstract, based on renewal: he thinks it's important to be in a projective spirit.
    • Matthieu, Laurent (and probably Diana) will be present on the event ;) …So Jonathan: will you come?
  • A collaboration tool: Framaboard/kanboard
    • After a demonstration, Matthieu said Framaboard is a good tool for us, there is limitations (subtasks) but it's globally OK
    • So we can use Framaboard for our next milestones (hackathon, Capitole du libre)
    • if we can install easily the Kanboard tool (Laurent will see that point) so we'll use this tool in internal.

Next Meetings

  • Next Meeting: 2017-09-27
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