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2017-10-11 - Meeting notes


  • Laurent CLAUDE (Project Leader)
  • Diana IBANESCU (Developer)
  • Jonathan MERCIER-GANADY (Developer)


  • WIP
  • The next Hackathon


  • WIP
    • Mockups: Diana will push work on contact screen before saturday
    • Jonathan have work on an avatar generator, it's better for human recognition than geographical draws. We'll have to find good graphics.
  • The next Hackathon
    • The date is october 14th
    • We'll start at 9:30 AM with a briefing
    • We'll use our kanboard:
    • Goals: To works on screens and widgets. The theme is graphical! And… with a touch of style ;)
    • Laurent will work also this day on design for the mockups

Next Meetings

  • Hackaton: 2017-10-14
  • Next Meeting: 2017-10-25
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