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 +====== Comparison of existing email clients ======
 +For the next evolution of Mail2Voice, we need to start from a solid, proven and flexible existing client. To help deciding which software fits our needs the best, this page review as much FLOSS clients as possible. ​
 +Given our constraints,​ the review criteria will be the following:
 +  * Software License (GPL, MIT, etc.)
 +  * Confidence (low, medium, high): does the software seems to be reliable, maintained, etc? 
 +  * Community activity (low, medium, high): is there a community support? Is the development team close to the community?
 +  * Platforms (Windows, Linux, OS X, etc.)
 +  * Development language(s)
 +  * Customizable theme/UI (yes/no, limitations)
 +  * Accessibility potential (name of the UI toolkit or any a11y related information)
 +  * Internationalization (i18n) system
 +When there is no info available for a criteria, the mention N/A is displayed.
 +===== List of clients =====
 +^Name ^License ^Confidence ^Community ^Platforms ^Languages ^Custom UI ^Accessibility ^I18n ^Notes ^
 +|Alpine|Apache License v2|low|low (no ML)|Linux/​Windows|C|?​|?​|?​|maintained with patches, this project seems a bit hard to follow.|
 +|Claws Mail|GPL v3|high|high|Linux/​Windows|C|No|GTK+ toolkit|gettext (PO files)|-|
 +|<​del>​Gnus</​del>​|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|Emacs extension|
 +|<​del>​Mulberry</​del>​|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|Last update 21-Feb-2007|
 +|<​del>​Mutt</​del>​|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|Require Cygwin etc on windows|
 +|Sylpheed|GPL|?​|?​|?​|?​|?​|GTK+|Yes|Japanese Wiki|
 +|<​del>​Zimbra Desktop</​del>​|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|Commercial project|
 +|<​del>​SeaMonkey</​del>​|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|All-in-one Internet suite.|
 +|Thunderbird|MPL|high|high|Linux/​OSX/​Windows|C,​ C++, JavaScript, CSS, XUL, XBL|[[http://​​Window_layout_-_Thunderbird|Yes?​]] |Mozilla products are known to be accessible.|Yes|-|