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-====== Future collaboration tools ====== 
-Gradually the project grows. Our needs change, we must anticipate them. 
-We've already spotted some of our short term needs. 
-\\ \\ 
-===== Context: dedicated server ===== 
-We have already a dedicated server available. 
-Renew of actual shared Hosting is for the 2015-04-03, to this date the objective is to renew only the domain. 
-So we can consider the use of this server for our new tools. 
-**We can already announce that the server will be used for:** 
-  * host the users website 
-  * host the wiki 
-  * host the contact@ 
-  * and <​del>​probably</​del>​ to host a new bugtracker 
-=====  Our needs ===== 
-Regardless of the availability of this server, 
-we need to identify our current and future needs. 
-Needs can be hosted by us... or not! 
-We can also think of externally hosted services. \\ 
-So, what are our needs? 
-===Here is a list of needs already identified (2014-10-22):​=== 
-  * <​del>​a new bugtracker (Redmine?​)</​del>​ Redmine is OK 
-  * a collaborative translation tool (To be defined) 
-===Needs we sould considerate:​=== 
-  * a mailing list (without ad) 
-  * a test management tool: We choose Jenkins (to do) 
-  * <​del>​IRC ?</​del>​ Jabber, XMPP 
-  * <​del>​audio conference for meetings (Mumble?​)</​del>​ Mumble is OK 
-  * <​del>​Etherpad</​del>​ We use [[https://​​mypads/?/​mypads/​group/​mail2voice-k293q7ky/​view|MyPads]] by Framasoft 
-  * what else? 
-//[thank you to list your ideas and needs here] 
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