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Future collaboration tools

Gradually the project grows. Our needs change, we must anticipate them.
We've already spotted some of our short term needs.

Here is a list of needs already identified (2014-10-22):

  • a new bugtracker (Redmine)
  • a collaborative translation tool (To be defined)

Needs we sould considerate:

  • a mailing list (without ad)
  • a test management tool (Hey, dev-team: do you know one? I was told to SquashTest)
  • IRC ?
  • audio conference for meetings (Mumble ?)
  • what else?

[thank you to list your ideas and needs here]

A dedicated server

We have already a dedicated server available, so we can consider its use for this new tools.

The server will be used for:

  • host the users website
  • host the wiki
  • host the contact@
  • and certainly to host the bugtracker Redmine

But we can also think of externally hosted services. So what are our needs?

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