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 ====== Meetings notes ====== ====== Meetings notes ======
-There are about 2 meetings a monthAfter each one, meeting ​notes are transcripted on this wiki so you can have an idea of what is the plan. \\+We no longer write reports as before.\\ 
 +Indeedsince 2013 and until the fall of 2018 our working formula was one meeting ​every two weeks, we took stock of our respective progress. \\ 
 +Now the developers meet every week for collaborative work sessions. This is an increased pace that is already improving in terms of dynamics and development.\\ 
 +But because of this, we don't necessarily have to transcribe content every week. However, we still have the will to communicate our activity and that is why we are currently testing other communication methods. To be continued... \\
 Here is the list of meeting notes (latest at the top): Here is the list of meeting notes (latest at the top):
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