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Mail2Voice release notes

Version 1.1 beta3 (, released 2015-03-13

Check out “What’s New” and “Known Issues” for this version of Mail2Voice below.
You are encouraged to tell us what you think, or submit a bug in the forum. If interested, please see the complete list of changes in the bug tracker.

We would also like to extend a special thank you to all of you who contributed to this release of Mail2Voice!

What’s New

  • Features:
    • HTML emails content are now read correctly (without the formatting code).
    • Play button is deactivated when no email in the inbox.
    • Send button is deactivated when no @ is configured.
    • Add warning in emails list when configuration is missing.
    • Email's list is cleared when the conf is broken in settings.
    • Verification that the email field is filled with an email address when adding a contact.
  • Improvements:
    • Emails: improve email sync.
    • Emails: deleted emails are now correctly fetched.
    • Emails: sync the emails when the Inbox button is pressed.
    • Speech synthesis: selecting another email stop the current speech.
    • Speech synthesis: speech synthesis is no longer stopped when receive new email.
    • GUI: pause and stop buttons are disabled when speech synthesizer has finished to read an email.
    • GUI: inbox, appearance of display the title of a selected message.
    • GUI: the trash button (main menu) is displayed/undisplayed on the fly when the 'enable trash' option is enabled/disabled.
    • GUI: focus stay on the email that is currently read when receive new email.
    • GUI: click on play button don't refresh email list.
    • GUI: 'Update' and 'Delete' buttons, in the panel contact, are disabled when no contact is selected.
  • Under the hood:
    • Various fixes and architecture improvements.
    • Clean up dead code, Stylecop cleanup.
  • Project management:
    • Wiki is now hosted by our dedicated server.

Known Issues

  • Reliability sync email on concurrent use with other email client (e.g. webmail).
  • Problems when dealing with hundreds of emails.
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