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 ===== The team ===== ===== The team =====
-Here is a quick presentation of the team members.+Here is a quick presentation of the team members.\\ 
 +You can see more detail here : [[https://​​index.php/​en/​the-team.html]]
 **Current team:** **Current team:**
-  * Laurent CLAUDE: founder of the project, project leader +  * Laurent CLAUDE, alias "​lclaude"​: founder of the project, project leader 
-  * Matthieu "​mhatz" ​HAZON: developer +  * Matthieu ​HAZON, alias "​mhatz":​ developer ​from 1.0RC1 
-  * Diana IBANESCU: developer+  * Diana IBANESCU, alias "​idiana"​: developer ​from (alias 1.1 beta1) 
 +  * Jonathan MERCIER-GANADY,​ alias "​Jmgr":​ developer from "​Mail2Voice Next"
 **Former members:** **Former members:**
-  * Olivier "​oliversleep" ​VILLEDIEU: developer from 0 to RC1 +  * Olivier ​VILLEDIEU, alias "​oliversleep":​ developer from 0 to 1.0RC1 
-  * Renaud LYS: designed ​the new theme.+  * Renaud LYS: designer for the v1.1 theme of the soft. 
 +\\ \\ 
 +If you want to join us, the best method is to send us a message on the mailing list : [[]]
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