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2015-11-25 - Meeting notes


  • Laurent CLAUDE (Project Leader)
  • Matthieu HAZON (Developer)


  • Capitole du Libre, Bazar du Libre
  • Mail2Voice Next


  • Capitole du Libre, Bazar du Libre
    • This event was canceled, but replaced by le “Bazar du Libre”
    • No Mail2Voice conf was done
  • Mail2Voice Next
    • Little progress was made with thunderbird addons, but:
    • Matthieu raises really good fundamental questions:
      • Use Thunderbird with a not documented SDK, or with old APIs is a possibility but is not easy
      • Mozilla will it prohibit the functions we will need to implement? Never or… when?
      • It seems that Mozilla follow the same politic than Chrome, with less permissions than we need
      • Start to work on a addon for Thunderbird now seems to be risked at long term
      • What about the packaging for a ready-to-go solution for our users? This seems difficult…
      • What about future migrations if we want to move from Thunderbird ? This seems difficult…
      • Is there other solutions than Thunderbird?
      • Is there a usable backend in Thunderbird?
      • If yes, why use this backend instead another?
      • What are other solutions, if exists?
      • Why don't restart M2V with new lib, or a framework? Qt and C++ could be a solution.
    • So we decided to take the time with this fundamental questions
      • Nothing's urgent, important is durability of the solution
      • We need to study the environment, all tracks
  • FOSDEM (nothing new)
    • Matthieu will propose a lightning talk, deadline for proposal: 2015-11-27
    • Matthieu will work on the submission tonight, Laurent will make returns tomorrow

Next Meeting

  • 2015-12-09:
    • Mail2Voice Next: fundamental questions
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