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Welcome sur le wiki de Mail2Voice

This wiki is dedicated to developers, and you're welcome to it!

Mail2Voice is a mail client software dedicated to people with cognitive impairment and illiteracy. Very simplified graphical interface, voice recording outgoing messages (attached MP3), speech reading incoming messages.
Mail2Voice is free and distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL.

Please visit our users website:

Development stopped!
Currently only version v1.1 of 2015 is released. It's a stable version, but it doesn't work with windows 11. The work around the next version is stopped. After a long and hard work for several years, we have to face the fact that this task is too big for even a competent and motivated team of volunteers.

General Informations

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Developer zone

Mail2Voice Next


* VMime
* Unit Tests

Test results

* To be completed

Archives: Mail2Voice v1.1 and more...

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