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Comparison of existing email clients

For the next evolution of Mail2Voice, we need to start from a solid, proven and flexible existing client. To help deciding which software fits our needs the best, this page review as much FLOSS clients as possible.

Given our constraints, the review criteria will be the following:

  • Software License (GPL, MIT, etc.)
  • Confidence (low, medium, high): does the software seems to be reliable, maintained, etc?
  • Community activity (low, medium, high): is there a community support? Is the development team close to the community?
  • Platforms (Windows, Linux, OS X, etc.)
  • Development language(s)
  • Customizable theme/UI (yes/no, limitations)
  • Accessibility potential (name of the UI toolkit or any a11y related information)
  • Internationalization (i18n) system

When there is no info available for a criteria, the mention N/A is displayed.

List of clients

Name License Confidence Community Platforms Languages Custom UI Accessibility I18n Notes
AlpineApache License v2lowlow (no ML)Linux/WindowsC???maintained with patches, this project seems a bit hard to follow.
Claws MailGPL v3highhighLinux/WindowsCNoGTK+ toolkitgettext (PO files)-
Gnus--------Emacs extension
Mulberry--------Last update 21-Feb-2007
Mutt--------Require Cygwin etc on windows
SylpheedGPL?????GTK+YesJapanese Wiki
Zimbra Desktop--------Commercial project
SeaMonkey--------All-in-one Internet suite.
ThunderbirdMPLhighhighLinux/OSX/WindowsC, C++, JavaScript, CSS, XUL, XBLYes? Mozilla products are known to be accessible.Yes-
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