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Evaluation of speech synthesizers

Preference Name / link OS Licence Price Quality Multilingual
1 eSpeak Win Linux GPL free poor yes : 50+
2 MBrola Win OSX Linux … ok for redistribute free good 35+
3 Pico svox (VoxOoFox) Win Linux OSX open source free Good EN ES FR IT DE
Microsoft Speech Platform Win OK for redistribute free good 26
Freeswitch Linux Win OSX Mozilla Public free
FreeTTS Linux Win32 OSX BSD free EN
Orca Linux GPL free
Festival opensource X11 free EN ES
Eloquence proprietary EN
SVOX platform-independent proprietary
more details
more details 2
Kali Win proprietary ? good FR EN


eSpeak topped the ranking: GPL, many languages​​, multi OS. Its only flaw is its very low quality. In practice, this raises the problem of understanding. It still remains that we have to integrate default, it is the most universal.

Then comes MBrola, although it is not free software license, it is freely redistributable for non commercial projects, free, available in many languages ​​and it is especially good in terms of understanding. We need to be able to use it.

Pico SVOX has the advantage of being open source, good quality and multi OS. But it is only available in a few languages​​.

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