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WARNING: This is a draft, all work published on this page is still under discussion.

Mail2Voice Next Specifications

Architecture overview


  • free software everywhere
  • multi platform / portable (Win & Linux minimum)
  • widely used languages (C, C++ preferred)
  • minimal dependency tree
  • robust and actively maintained dependencies
  • C/C++ bindings for dependencies
  • modular architecture


  • all modules are used through wrappers

Mail module

  • IMAP, POP (optional), SMTP support
  • state of the art protocol support
  • bonus: synchronization support

Storage module

  • filesystem + SQL database for metadata (like Thundebrird)

Audio recorder/player

  • MP3 support

TTS module

  • OS native synth
  • or eSpeak (+MBrola)


  • well defined public API
  • extensible Public API
  • modular architecture


  • accessibility
  • internationalization
  • stretchable
  • based on well known toolkit (Qt)
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